General Capabilities in Public Area

Last Updated on : 2023-06-20 14:53:58download

This topic describes the general features of Tuya OpenAPIs that apply to devices in the public area, so as to walk you through this system.

Public area device information

API name URL
Get Device Details GET:/v1.0/expand/devices/{device_id}
Get Device List GET:/v1.0/expand/devices

Public area device command

API name URL
Query Command Record GET:/v1.0/expand/cmds/{sn}

Public area device permission

API name URL
Delete Device Permissions DELETE:/v1.0/expand/spaces/{device_id}/persons/{person_id}
Add Device Permission POST:/v1.0/expand/spaces/{device_id}/persons/{person_id}

Public area device data point

API name URL
Get Device Function Pool GET:/v1.0/expand/devices/{device_id}/function-pool
Modify Data Point PUT:/v1.0/expand/devices/{device_id}/functions
Get Data Point List GET:/v1.0/expand/devices/{device_id}/functions