Infrared Air Conditioner APIs

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This topic describes the business process and time series relationship during the control of an infrared air conditioner.

Infrared Air Conditioner APIs

Business process

  1. Get the list of IR air conditioner brands supported. For more information, see Get Brand List.

  2. Get the IR code library index by specified brands. For more information, see Get Remote Control Indexes.

  3. A brand might have different infrared code library indexes, so it is necessary to test its applicability. We recommend that you test and verify at least three buttons before adding a remote control. For more information, see Send Single Command.

  4. After confirming the available IR code library index, use this index to bind the air conditioner remote control with a universal IR remote control. For more information, see Add Remote Control.

  5. Use a common remote control to control devices by standard IR commands. See Send Standard Command for standard IR commands and Control Air Conditioner for commands specific for air conditioners.

  6. In certain scenarios, you can control the parameters of air conditioners by calling multi-condition commands. For more information, see Control Air Conditioner with Multiple Keys.

    Not all commands with multiple conditions can be sent through the IR code.

Things to note

  • The air conditioner remote control only supports standard IR commands stated in the above-mentioned API documentation and does not support non-standard commands.

    The following are the specified IR command sets for air conditioners.

    Parameter Type Description Required
    power Integer The power supply. Valid values:
    • 1: power on
    • 0: power off
    mode Integer The working mode. Valid values:
    • 0: cooling mode
    • 1: heating mode
    • 2: automatic mode
    • 3: wind supply mode
    • 4: dehumidification mode
    Some air conditioners do not support all of these modes.
    temp Integer The temperature. Valid values: 16°C to 30°C.
    wind Integer The wind speed level. Valid values:
    • 0: automatic
    • 1: low speed
    • 2: medium speed
    • 3: high speed
    Some air conditioners do not support all of these speed levels.
  • Regarding the universal IR open capabilities, the multi-condition control mentioned in this topic does not support these air conditioner brands: Hisense, Daikin, Jumbo, and Godrej, or these remote control IDs: 7421, 1553000083, and 1001779.