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This topic describes how to use cloud development to control smart devices.

This topic describes the main process of cloud development. For more information, see specific functional descriptions in subsequent topics. For more information about best practices, see Develop IoT Projects on Assets, Users and App.

Step 1: Create projects

A project is a collection of resources on the Tuya IoT Platform. Resources deployed in different cloud development projects are isolated from each other. You can create Custom and Smart Home projects.

We recommend that you adopt Custom development. For more information about the differences between both types of projects, see Development Method. For more information about project creation, see Manage Projects.

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Step 2: Configuration wizard

After you configure the basic information of the project, you are navigated to the page of the configuration wizard.

  1. Authorize the project to access multiple API products.
    By default, the API products that support the specified development method are selected for the project on the platform. You can add or delete the default API products, or select other API products. The following list shows the default API products for each development method.

    If you have not subscribed to the selected API products, the platform will automatically subscribe to them and authorize this project to access them.

    • Custom development:

      • IoT Core

      • Authorization

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    • Smart Home:

      • IoT Core

      • Authorization

      • Smart Home Scene Linkage

      • Data Dashboard Service

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  2. Quickly create assets and authorize specified users.

    This step is only required for the Custom development method. You can skip this step if you select the Smart Home development method.

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Step 3: Link devices

The process to link devices is different between the Custom and Smart Home projects.

Custom development

The following steps describe the overall process to link devices for the custom development project. For more information about specific steps, see the related documentation.

  1. Create applications.
    You can create multiple applications for a cloud development project and allocate independent resources to each application, such as assets, users, and API products. This way, you can build a multi-terminal application system.
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  2. Create users.
    After a user is added to the project, you can authorize users to manage specific assets.
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  3. Create assets.
    The platform enables centralized management of devices and permissions asset ID.

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  4. Authorize users.
    You can authorize users to add, delete, and transfer devices under an asset.

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  5. Add devices.
    After you create an asset, you can add devices with Tuya IoT Device Management App. You can unlink devices from the asset or transfer them to another asset.

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Smart home projects

After a project is created, you can link devices with your project.

Several linking methods are available. For more information, see Link Devices.

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Step 4: Configure functions

You can apply for permissions on APIs and enable Message Service.

  • Subscribe to My Services
    You can use either of the following two methods to log in to the subscription page.

    For more information, see Manage My Services.

    • On the My Services page, you can subscribe to API services.
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    • Choose Cloud > Development > Cloud Management, and click the created project to enter the details page. Click the Service API tab > Go to Authorize, find the required unsubscribed API products from the drop-down list, and then click Subscribe.

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  • Authorize projects
    After subscription, you must authorize the specified project to use the API, so that the project can call this API with the authorization key.
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  • Authorize projects to use the subscribed APIs
    On the Service API page of the project, you can view the subscribed APIs for the project. Also, you can click Go to Authorize to add APIs.
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  • Enable Message Service
    On the Message Service page, you can enable this service and configure parameters to get message accumulation alerts.

    For more information, see Message Service.

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Step 5: Develop and call APIs

After you subscribe to an API operation and authorize the specified project to use it, you can debug API calls with the API Explorer. For more information, see API Explorer.

Step 6: View data statistics

In the left-side navigation of the Tuya IoT Platform, choose Cloud > Usage to view usage statistics. For more information, see Usage Statistics. Tuya provides two types of usage statistics.

  • API statistics
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  • Messages statistics

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