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This topic provides a changelog for the UI BizBundles v5.0.0 and later for Android supported by Smart Life App SDK. For more information about the updates of legacy versions, see Changelog for v4.x.x.


  • Release date: October 12, 2023
  • New updates:
    • Added the navigation to the service ticket for device unbinding in the FAQ UI BizBundle.
    • Added the video cut solution for dual-lens cameras in the IPC UI BizBundle.
    • Added support for switching language in UI BizBundle.
    • Optimized the Device Details UI BizBundle regarding information display for Tap-to-Run and automation.
    • Fixed other known issues.


  • Release date: April 17, 2023

  • New updates

    UI BizBundles Description
    Mall UI BizBundle None.
    Advanced Functions UI BizBundle
    • Added this UI BizBundle.
    Device Pairing UI BizBundle
    • Supported Matter devices.
    • Supported Bluetooth beacon v2.0 devices.
    Device Control UI BizBundle
    • Supported Matter devices.
    • Supported Bluetooth beacon v2.0 devices.
    • Optimized device control.
    Scene UI BizBundle
    • Optimized smart scenes for Bluetooth devices.
    • Supported TuyaLink-based devices.
    IPC UI BizBundle
    • Adapted to Android 13.
    • Optimized the UI design of IPC panel pages.
    Cloud Storage UI BizBundle None.
    FAQ UI BizBundle None.
    Message Center UI BizBundle None.
    OTA UI BizBundle None.
    Devices Details UI BizBundle None.
    Home Management UI BizBundle None.
    Group Management UI BizBundle Optimized user experience.
    Voice Skills Account Linking UI BizBundle None.
    Panel Multilingual BizBundle None.
    Theme Color Configuration BizBundle None.
    Multi-Control Linkage UI BizBundle None.
    ShareBizBundle None.