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Smart Protect App SDK

Last Updated on : 2022-05-13 06:10:50download

Tuya Smart Protect App SDK is used to develop mobile apps for home security and business security scenarios. This SDK helps to accelerate your app development with the best price performance.

What is Smart Protect?

Tuya provides Smart Protect solutions for users to customize protection experiences and safeguard members in home and business scenarios.

  • Backed by the Smart Protect operations and management background, you can be empowered by operational management, data analytics, service management, and channel management, and make your branded products, services, and operational analytics accurately reach users.

  • Built on the Smart Protect SaaS cloud monitoring application, your emergency service business can be developed into a fully-managed product. It integrates with the end-to-end emergency management process that ranges from value-added service subscription to alert reception, alert handling, operator dispatching, and alert verification. You will gain a competitive advantage by the professional third-party hosting services dedicated to home and small business security scenarios.

You can build branded security services and products that allow homes and small businesses to be protected as desired. Smart security solutions are supplied with a wealth of value-added service applications that scale your promotion operations to new heights and that drive your business success.


  • Sufficient protection mode settings: customize defense zones, alert thresholds, and arming and disarming time.
  • Flexible smart scene settings: set automation scenes in protection mode based on the weather, device status, time, and more conditions. If an alert occurs, the preset scene is automatically triggered.
  • Security alert rule engine: define bidirectional device-cloud alert synchronization rules in line with international standards, and support alert dialog boxes.
  • Professional third-party emergency service: seamlessly integrate with global professional security service providers.
  • Multiple custom value-added services: support a variety of value-added services, such as cloud storage, alert reporting by phone call or SMS, alert monitoring, and maintenance services.
  • Smart Protect UI BizBundle: provide the service logic and UI encapsulation for you to accelerate application development.

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