Smart Residence App SDK

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Tuya Smart Residence App SDK is used to develop mobile apps for smart apartment rental scenarios. Based on the SDK, you can quickly implement app functionality during app development.

What is Tuya Smart Residence?

Tuya provides comprehensive IoT control systems to empower apartment rental management solutions and tap into the space rental market respecting apartments, hotels, and houses booked online. End-to-end services cover the full process from devices to mobile apps.

Tuya’s smart residence solutions integrate with a wealth of smart devices such as smart locks, video doorbells, sensors, and thermostats, and support comprehensive rental management features concerning spaces, devices, access control, and check-in. These solutions are an essential part of Tuya’s smart residence PaaS development framework.


Tuya’s smart residence solutions combine the following advantages:

  • Out-of-the-box solutions with best price performance
  • Abundant IoT capabilities
  • A robust and fast-growing ecosystem
  • Sustainable value-added services
  • Digital O&M of global projects
  • Financial-level data security


Module Feature
Account roles Register and log in to an account to access different roles and permissions.
Site management Create a site to use or share it.
Access control Grant access permissions to implement access control by means such as the app and password.
Device management Install smart devices on a site to implement smart control.
Smart scenes Create smart scenes to implement home automation.