Service Ticket Details

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Query the details of the current service ticket based on the ticket code in the current community.

API address

GET: /v1.0/iot-02/community/service-order-detail

Request parameter

Parameter nameTypeINRequiredDescription
block_idStringuritrueThe ID of the community.
service_order_noStringuritrueThe number of a specified service ticket.

Return parameter

Parameter nameTypeDescription
resultServiceOrderDetailResponseThe returned result.

Description of result

Parameter nameTypeDescription
sourceIntegerThe source of a specified service ticket. Valid values:
  • 10: Request for maintenance at the front desk.
  • 20: the resident app.
  • 30: the property management app.
  • 40: Request for maintenance by phone.
  • 100: Others.
room_addressStringThe detailed address.
create_timeLongThe timestamp when the service ticket is created.
order_contentStringThe content of a specified service ticket.
attachmentsListThe images attached to a specified service ticket.
service_order_noStringThe number of a specified service ticket.
area_typeIntegerThe area type. Valid values:
  • 1: public area.
  • 3: outdoor area.
parent_category_nameStringThe level-1 category name.
parent_category_idStringThe ID of the level-1 category name.
category_nameStringThe name of the level-2 category.
apply_userStringThe name of the applicant.
order_statusStringThe status of a specified service ticket.
  • WaitingForDistribute: to be allocated.
  • Pending: pending.
  • Processing: in progress.
  • Completed: completed.
  • Closed: closed.
  • Cancelled: cancelled.
  • Discarded: discarded.
expire_begin_dateLongThe start time of the reservation.
expire_end_dateLongThe end time of the reservation.
cate_idStringThe ID of the level-2 category.
service_addressStringThe address of maintenance.
creatorStringThe name of the service ticket creator.
creator_mobileStringThe telephone number of the service ticket creator.
contactsStringThe contact method of the applicant.
descStringThe description of a problem.
dispatch_userStringThe assigned worker.
dispatch_user_idStringThe ID of the assigned worker.
service_typeStringThe service type. Valid values:
  • 1: free service.
  • 3: paid service.
dispatch_contentStringThe remarks of dispatch.
dispatch_timeLongThe time of dispatch.
order_moneyStringThe amount of payment.
payment_typeStringThe payment type.
  • 1: cash.
  • 3: Alipay.
  • 5: WeChat.
finish_contentStringThe remarks of completion.
finish_timeLongThe time of completion.
finish_attachmentsListThe attachments that mark the completion.
revisitStringThe object of visit, that is, the one to whom a visit will be made after the maintenance.
revisit_phoneStringThe mobile phone number of the visit object.
rate_scoreIntegerThe review levels.
evaluate_timeLongThe time when a review is made.
evaluate_contentStringThe content of a review.
community_nameStringThe name of a specified community.

Request example

GET: /v1.0/iot-02/community/service-order-detail
  "block_id": "138479997683138xxxx",
  "service_order_no": "BX20210917xxx312"

Return example

    "attachments": [
    "category_name": "The level-2 category name",
    "community_name": "The community name",
    "order_money": "13.1",
    "source": 1,
    "expire_end_date": 13010013331,
    "service_address": "The address of maintenance",
    "expire_begin_date": 13010013331,
    "parent_category_id": "13010013331xxx123",
    "order_status": "WaitingForDistribute",
    "dispatch_user_id": "13331xxx123",
    "creator_mobile": "13331xxx123",
    "finish_content": "The content of completion",
    "evaluate_time": 1333112312123,
    "creator": "James",
    "dispatch_user": "James",
    "service_order_no": "BX20210917XXX232",
    "dispatch_time": 13010013331,
    "create_time": 13010013331,
    "revisit": "James",
    "apply_user": "James",
    "cate_id": "13010013331xxx123",
    "area_type": 1,
    "rate_score": 1,
    "dispatch_content": "The remarks of dispatch",
    "finish_time": 1333112312123,
    "finish_attachments": [
    "service_type": "1",
    "payment_type": 1,
    "order_content": "The content of the service ticket",
    "evaluate_content": "The content of review",
    "room_address": "The house address",
    "parent_category_name": "The parent category name",
    "revisit_phone": "13331xxx123",
    "contacts": "13331xxx123",
    "desc": "The description of the problem"

Error code

For more information, see error code.