Query IoT Card Details

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Query the details of the IoT SIM card by the card number, including the card number, activation time, phone number, and device number.

API address

GET: /v1.0/iot-01/sim/{iccid}/info

Request parameter

Parameter name Type IN Required Description
iccid String uri true The ID of a specified IoT SIM card.

Return parameter

Parameter name Type Description
result CardInfoRes The returned result.

Description of result

Parameter name Type Description
iccid String The ID of a specified IoT SIM card.
active_date Long The time when the card was activated.
msisdn String The Mobile Station International Subscriber Director Number (MSISDN), a number used for the international identification of mobile phone numbers.
imei String The international mobile equipment identity (IMEI).

Request example

GET: /v1.0/iot-01/sim/898611212100361****/info

Return example

{ "result": { "active_date": 1626330214631, "iccid": "898611212100361****", "imei": "88228510005****", "msisdn": "141034183****" }, "t": 1626330138796, "success": true }

Error code

For more information, see error code.