Query IoT SIM Card Data

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Query the data of the IoT SIM card by card number.

API address

GET: /v1.0/iot-01/sim/{iccid}/resources/list

Request parameter

Parameter name Type IN Required Description
iccid String uri true The ID of a specified IoT SIM card.

Return parameter

Parameter name Type Description
result List The returned result.

Description of result

Parameter name Type Description
type String Indicates the data type. Valid values:
  • NB: the IoT SIM card that is billed by the number of times the card is used, such as the IoT card produced by SIMSKY.
  • TRAFFIC: the cellular card (4G) that is billed by the consumed data volume.
res_name String The name of a specific plan.
traffic_usable Long The total amount of the data.
traffic_used Long The amount of used data.
traffic_surplus Long The remaining data.
traffic_effect_date Long The time when the data takes effect.
traffic_expire_date Long The time when the data expires.
unit String Indicates the unit to measure data usage in the plan. Valid values:
  • MB: megabyte.
  • COUNT: the number of times the card is used.

Request example

GET: /v1.0/iot-01/sim/898828066600005****/resources/list

Return example

{ "result": [ { "traffic_effect_date": 1627636216066, "traffic_used": 0, "res_name": "4G Telecom 10 MB/Month", "type": "TRAFFIC", "unit": "MB", "traffic_expire_date": 1630314653000, "traffic_usable": 10000, "traffic_surplus": 10000 } ], "t": 1626400694469, "success": true }

Error code

For more information, see error code.