Query Details of a Resident

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Query the enrollment details of a specified resident by redient ID, including mobile phone number, name, certificate type, and other information.

API address

GET: /v1.0/iot-02/community/householder

Request parameter

Parameter nameTypeINRequiredDescription
block_idStringquerytrueThe ID of the community in which the resident lives.
householder_idStringquerytrueThe ID of a resident.

Return parameter

Parameter nameTypeDescription
resultHighwayHouseholderDetailResponseThe resident's details.

Description of result

Parameter nameTypeDescription
user_idStringThe ID of the community in which the resident lives.
householder_idStringThe ID of a resident.
real_nameStringThe name of a resident.
  • 1: Male.
  • 2: Female.
mobileStringThe mobile phone number.
card_typeIntegerThe type of certificate. 1: ID card.
card_noStringThe certificate number.
if_identifyIntegerIndicates whether the residents' identity is verified.
  • 0: No.
  • 1: Yes.
apply_sourceIntegerThe origin of the request.
  • 0: enrolled by the property management company.
  • 1: registered on the app.
  • 2: invited by an owner.
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if_upload_faceIntegerIndicates whether the resident's face is enrolled.
  • 0: No.
  • 1: Yes.
gmt_createLongThe timestamp when the resident record was created.
block_idStringThe identification of the community under the project.
household_registry_typeIntegerThe type of household registration.
  • 1: agricultural household.
  • 2: non-agricultural household.
household_registry_addressStringHousehold registration address.
marital_statusIntegerMarital status.
  • 0: unknown.
  • 1: unmarried.
  • 2: married.
  • 3: divorced.
  • 4: separated.
  • 5: widowed.
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employerStringWork unit.
political_statusIntegerPolitical status.
  • 1: member of Communist Party of China.
  • 2: member of Communist Youth League.
  • 3: masses.
emergency_contactStringThe emergency contact.
emergency_contact_numberStringThe emergency contact information, such as a mobile phone number.

Request example

GET: /v1.0/iot-02/community/householder?block_id=136767399153950xxxx&householder_id=139215249742181xxxx

Return example

    "emergency_contact_number": "1566901xxxx",
    "household_registry_type": 1,
    "household_registry_address": "CHN,110000,110100,110118,110118109; Beijing/Municipal District/Miyun District/Bulaotun Town",
    "sex": 1,
    "householder_id": "139346615626157xxxx",
    "mobile": "1566901xxxx",
    "real_name": "Jack",
    "card_type": 1,
    "if_identify": 0,
    "marital_status": 2,
    "political_status": 1,
    "card_no": "32122119901011xxxx",
    "user_id": "",
    "employer": "Hangzhou xxxx Co., LTD",
    "emergency_contact": "Jane"

Error code

For more information, see error code.