Get User Information

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Get the details of the specified user based on the user ID.

API address

GET: /v1.0/users/{uid}/infos

Request parameter

Parameter nameTypeINRequiredDescription
uidStringuritrueThe user ID.

Return parameter

Parameter nameTypeDescription
resultUserResThe returned result.

Description of result

Parameter nameTypeDescription
uidStringThe user ID (UID).
usernameStringThe username.
country_codeStringThe country code.
mobileStringThe phone number (only available to users who have registered with a phone number).
emailStringThe email address (only available to users who have registered with an email address).
nick_nameStringThe nickname of the specified user.
avatarStringThe avatar of the specified user.
create_timeLongThe time when it was created.
update_timeLongThe time when it was updated.
user_propertiesListThe property of the specified user.
time_zone_idStringThe ID of the specified time zone.
temp_unitIntegerThe unit of temperature.

Description of user_properties

Parameter nameTypeDescription
codeStringThe property code of the specified user.
valueStringThe property value of the specified user.

Request example

GET: /v1.0/users/ay1234***/infos

Return example

    "create_time": 1591350950,
    "user_properties": [
            "code": "dataAuthorization",
            "value": "1"
            "code": "marketingPush",
            "value": "1"
    "mobile": "86-1555****005",
    "avatar": "***.png",
    "country_code": "86",
    "uid": "ay1591350950677KZ***",
    "update_time": 1698716279,
    "nick_name": "vt.y",
    "time_zone_id": "Asia/Shanghai",
    "email": "",
    "temp_unit": 1,
    "username": "86-1555****005"

Error code

For more information, see error code.