Query Meeting List

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Query the meeting reservation history by criteria, such as the meeting theme, meeting room ID, meeting status, creator, start time, and end time.

API address

GET: /v2.0/iot-03/meeting-reservations

Request parameter

Parameter nameTypeINRequiredDescription
reqMeetingReservationPageQueryReqquerytrueThe request of querying the meeting reservation history.

Description of req

Parameter nameTypeINRequiredDescription
topicString falseThe theme of a specified meeting.
start_timeLong trueThe start time of a specified meeting.
end_timeLong trueThe end time of a specified meeting.
statusString falseThe status of a specified meeting, separated with commas (,).
meeting_room_idsString falseThe IDs of bound meeting rooms, separated with commas (,).
creatorString falseThe ID of the user who creates the meeting.
page_noInteger falseThe page number.
page_sizeInteger falseThe quantity.

Return parameter

Parameter nameTypeDescription
resultPageThe returned result.

Description of result

Parameter nameTypeDescription
totalLongThe total number of meeting reservation records.
listListThe returned list.
has_moreBooleanSpecifies whether to return the next page.

Description of list

Parameter nameTypeDescription
reservation_idStringThe reservation ID.
topicStringThe theme of a specified meeting.
start_timeLongThe start time of a specified meeting.
end_timeLongThe end time of a specified meeting.
statusIntegerIndicates the status of a specified meeting. Valid values:
  • 1: normal.
  • 2: to be approved.
  • 3: canceled.
  • 4: rejected.
room_idStringThe ID of a specified meeting room.
participantsListThe ID of a specified participant in the meeting.
cc_participantsListThe ID of a specified person who is mentioned in the carbon copy.
noticeBooleanThe push notification.
notice_timeLongThe period for a push notification to be sent in advance of a meeting.
descriptionStringThe description of a specified meeting.
creatorStringThe ID of the user who creates the meeting.
modifierStringThe ID of the user who modifies the meeting.
gmt_createLongThe time when it is created.
gmt_modifiedLongThe time when it is modified.
attachmentsListThe information about a specified attachment.

Description of attachments

Parameter nameTypeDescription
nameStringThe name of a specified attachment.
urlStringThe URL of a specified attachment.
sizeStringThe size of a specified attachment.
typeStringThe type of a specified attachment.

Request example

GET: /v2.0/iot-03/meeting-reservations?meeting_room_ids=140979237901944****,14123112756055****&creator=3&start_time=1622343649000&end_time=1627615862000

Return example

    "result": {
        "list": [
                "gmt_create": 1637744160943,
                "room_id": "14634253124224****",
                "cc_participants": [
                "creator": "bay1632819585638****",
                "attachments": [
                        "type": "jpg",
                        "url": "https://****.com/c.jpg",
                        "size": "333.2kb",
                        "name": "c.jpg"
                "modifier": "",
                "end_time": 1637910000000,
                "description": "desc",
                "gmt_modified": 1637807314249,
                "reservation_id": "14634311956761****",
                "start_time": 1637899200000,
                "notice_time": 0,
                "topic": "xxx Meeting",
                "notice": false,
                "participants": [
                "status": 1
        "total": 301,
        "has_more": true
    "t": 1641978005123,
    "success": true

Error code

For more information, see error code.