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Go to the Tuya IoT Platform to register a developer account. This allows you to embark on smart product development. For example, create products and configure data points (DPs). For more information, see Quick Start.

Create an SDK application

  1. In the left-side navigation pane of the Tuya IoT Platform, choose App > SDK Development and click Create App.

  2. Select a type of App SDK.
    Enter the following information about the app and click OK.

    • App Name: the name of your app.
    • iOS App Package Name: the name of your app package for iOS. Recommended format: com.xxxxx.xxxxx.
    • Android App Package Name: the name of your app package for Android.
    • Channel Identifier: optional. If you do not set this field, the value is automatically generated based on the package name.
  3. On the Get SDK tab, select one or more required SDK options for your needs and integrate the SDK by using the Podfile and Gradle.

  4. Get the key: Click Get Key to get the values of AppKey and AppSecret, security image, and other data of the SDK.

  1. After the app is created on the Tuya IoT Platform, you must provide the package name of the created app to Tuya’s business advisor who will submit the app information to the cloud development department to create your app project. The SDK can be normally used only after your app project is created in the cloud.
  2. From version 1.9.7 on Android side, you need to set SHA256 before you can use it. How to get SHA256 key, you can refer to the document How to get SHA256 key.

After above all , you can use the SDK.