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Commercial Lighting App SDK for Android

Last Updated on : 2022-02-17 06:08:52download

Tuya Commercial Lighting App SDK for Android is dedicated to commercial lighting development solutions on Android. It helps you quickly implement app functionality suitable for commercial lighting and scene linkage. With your app, users can manage projects, areas, and devices.

SDK features

The SDK supports the following features:

  • Users
    • Log in and register
    • User accounts registered with mobile phone numbers or email addresses
    • Change passwords and sign out of accounts
    • Update user information, such as nicknames
  • Projects
    • Create, update, modify, and query projects
    • Get project details
    • Create, edit, and delete outdoor projects
  • Areas
    • Add, query, modify, and delete areas
    • Control area groups
    • Get a list of areas of a project and a list of sub-areas of a specific area
    • Dynamically configure area levels
    • Get a list of devices that belong to a specific area
  • Groups
    • Create, query, edit, and delete groups
    • Control groups
  • Energy statistics
    • Energy consumption dashboard
  • Device maintenance
    • Maintenance request
    • Query maintenance reports
    • Query device alerts