Developer Guide for Android

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The Commercial Lighting App SDK for Android is used to build mobile apps for the commercial lighting industry. It helps you efficiently implement app features for managing projects, areas, and devices in commercial lighting applications.

SDK features

The Commercial Lighting App SDK features the following:

  • User system
    • Create an account using a phone number or email address.
    • Change the password and delete an account.
    • Update user information.
  • Project management
    • Create, delete, modify, and query an indoor project, outdoor project, and parking lot project.
    • Get project details.
    • Set the mesh network mode for a project.
  • Area management
    • Add, query, modify, and delete an area.
    • Bulk control of devices in an area.
    • Get the list of areas and their sub-areas in a project.
    • Configure the area hierarchy on the fly.
    • Get the list of devices in an area.
  • Group management
    • Create, query, edit, and delete a combination group.
    • Bulk control of a combination group.
  • Mesh network management
    • Single mesh network mode.
    • Multi-mesh network mode.
    • Initialize mesh network.
    • Create, delete, and modify a mesh network.
    • Get the list of created mesh networks.
    • Connect to and disconnect from a mesh network.
  • Bluetooth technology stack
    • Pair and control a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) device.
    • Pair and control a Bluetooth mesh device.
  • Device management
    • Update device firmware.
    • Query the data point (DP) reporting records.
    • Set an alternative network.
  • UI BizBundle
    • Integrate the device pairing feature using the Device Pairing UI BizBundle.
    • Integrate the device control feature using the Device Control UI BizBundle.