Bluetooth Technology Stack

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The following Bluetooth technology solutions are available to help you implement device control through the Commercial Lighting App SDK.

Bluetooth type Description Example
Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) A point-to-point connection is created between a Bluetooth or Bluetooth LE device and a mobile phone. Body fat scales, wrist-worn trackers, thermostats, electric toothbrushes, and smart locks
Bluetooth mesh Enable many-to-many (m:m) device communications over a mesh network released by Bluetooth SIG. Cool white lights (C), cool and warm white lights (CW), white and colored lights (RGBCW), sockets, sensors, and other sub-devices
Combo devices Devices that support both Bluetooth and other protocols, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE combo, can be paired over Bluetooth. Bluetooth mesh gateways, IP cameras (IPCs), and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo devices

The Commercial Lighting App SDK supports the following Bluetooth features:

  • Bluetooth device pairing
    • Scan and discover devices
    • Pair a device
  • Bluetooth device management
    • Check device connection status
    • Connect to a device
    • Control a device
    • Unbind a device
  • Device firmware updates
    • Check for updates
    • Update firmware via OTA