Delete Visitor Vehicle

Last Updated on : 2022-06-01 10:01:15

Remove the information about a visitor vehicle based on the visitor vehicle ID.

API address

DELETE: /v1.0/parking-control/{device_id}/visitor-cars/{visitor_car_id}

Request parameter

Parameter nameTypeINRequiredDescription
device_idStringuritrueThe ID of a specified device in the parking lot.
visitor_car_idStringuritrueThe ID of a specified visitor vehicle.
plate_noStringquerytrueThe license plate number of a specified visitor vehicle.

Return parameter

Parameter nameTypeDescription
resultCmdIssueResultResponseThe returned result.

Description of result

Parameter nameTypeDescription
snStringThe command record ID.

Request example

DELETE: /v1.0/parking-control/6ce****/visitor-cars/123****

Return example

    "result": {
        "sn": "135****"
    "t": 1652779976771,
    "success": true

Error code

For more information, see error code.