Query Reported DP Logs

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Returns the logs of data points (DPs) reported by a device. The logs only in the last seven days are supported.

Query device operation logs

Query the logs of DPs reported by a specified device, helping you get to know the operation history of the device within a specific period.

Method signature

- (void)queryDeviceOperateLogWithDpIds:(NSArray *)dpIds
                             startTime:(NSDate *)startTime
                               endTime:(NSDate *)endTime


Parameter Type Description Required
dpIds NSArray The DPs to be returned. Example: @[@"1", @"2"]. Yes
offset NSInteger The number of entries starting from which entries are returned. Yes
limit NSInteger The maximum number of entries returned per page. Yes
startTime NSDate The time when DP status reporting starts. No
endTime NSDate The time when DP status reporting ends. No
isASC BOOL The method to sort data by time. Valid values:
  • YES: sorted in ascending order.
  • NO: sorted in descending order. Default value.
success ThingSuccessID block The success callback. Yes
failure ThingFailureError block The failure callback. Yes



NSArray *dpIds = @[@"1", @"2"];
NSInteger offset = 0;
NSInteger limit = 10;
NSDate *startTime = nil; // Use actual date if available
NSDate *endTime = nil; // Use actual date if available

ThingSmartDevice *device = [[ThingSmartDevice alloc] init];
[device queryDeviceOperateLogWithDpIds:dpIds offset:offset limit:limit startTime:startTime endTime:endTime isASC:isASC success:^(id result) {
    NSLog(@"Success: %@", result);
} failure:^(NSError *error) {
    NSLog(@"Error: %@", error);


let dpIds: [String] = ["1", "2"]
let offset: Int = 0
let limit: Int = 10
let startTime: Date?= nil // Use actual date if available let endTime: Date?= nil // Use actual date if available let isASC: Bool = false

let device = ThingSmartDevice()
device.queryDeviceOperateLog(withDpIds: dpIds, offset: offset, limit: limit, startTime: startTime, endTime: endTime, isASC: isASC, success: { result in
    print("Success: \(result)")
}, failure: { error in
    print("Error: \(error)")