Travel SDK

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Travel SDK serves as an extension of Smart Life App SDK and promotes your IoT app development for smart travel scenarios. The SDK supports the following features:

  • Get smart travel device information, such as high-definition (HD) images and firmware details.
  • Process device data points (DPs).
  • Implement features related to offline stores. For example, get a list of offline stores and search for target ones.
  • Implement features related to cycling navigation. For example, get a list of cycling routes and upload cycling routes.


An account is registered on the Tuya IoT Development Platform, and a smart travel product such as an anti-lost tracker, a vehicle locator, or a smart electric vehicle is created. A key is obtained to activate the Travel SDK. For more information, see Fast Integration with Smart Life App SDK for Android.

Fast integration

  1. Add the following configuration to repositories of the file build.gradle:

    maven {	url "	}
    maven { url "" }
  2. Add dependencies downloaded in the preparation steps to the file build.gradle.

        implementation ''
        implementation ''

Run the demo app

You can get the Travel SDK sample on GitHub. For more information, see Travel SDK Sample.

The values of AppKey, AppSecret, and security image obtained in the Preparation section must be configured correctly in the sample.