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Get Message History

Last Updated on : 2022-04-07 05:43:36

Get the message history of a specified service ticket by the ticket ID. You can also change the query range by type.

API address

GET: /v1.0/iot-01/ticket/feedbacks/{feedback_id}/communications

Request parameter

Parameter name Type IN Required Description
feedback_id String uri true The ID of a specified service ticket.
query_mode String query true The type of log. Valid values:
  • 0: all history.
  • 1: only contain the message history, excluding operation history.
page_no Integer query false The page number. Default value: 1.
page_size Integer query false The number of items returned on each page. Default value: 10.
is_asc Boolean query false Indicates whether to display the items in ascending order of the operation time. Default value: False.

Return parameter

Parameter name Type Description
result PageVO The returned result.

Description of result

Parameter name Type Description
total Integer The total number of matched results.
list List The items on pages.
page_size Integer The number of items returned on each page.
has_more Boolean Indicates whether additional pages are available.

Description of list

Parameter name Type Description
ticket_id String The ID of a specified service ticket.
account String The requester’s account. For example, a business account or consumer account.
content Map The message content.
app_version String The version number of the app.
operate String The operation type.
operate_at String The time of operation.
phone_language String The language of the mobile phone.
operator_uid String The user ID of a specified operator.
phone_model String The model of the mobile phone.
phone_system String The operating system of the mobile phone.
time_zone String The time zone.
user_type String The user type.
nick_name String The consumer’s nickname.
company_name String The company name.
account_nick_name String The account nickname. For a business IoT group, set up the IoT account nickname.

Request example

GET: GET:/v1.0/iot-01/ticket/feedbacks/Noxxxxx/communications?queryMode=1

Return example

{ "result": { "data": [ { "account_nick_name": "", "ticket_id": "146****", "time_zone": "GMT+8", "content": { "state": { "new_val": "Finished", "old_val": "Processing" } }, "operate": "close", "operate_at": "1638253350631", "user_type": "2", "company_name": "", "operator_uid": "1111" } ], "page_no": 1, "total": 5, "has_more": true, "page_size": 10 }, "t": 1638431068200, "success": true }

Error code

For more information, see error code.