Device Item

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Device Item


Field name Type Description Default value
height StyleProp component height cx(110)
width number component width screenWidth * 0.92
icon number | string | React.ReactNode left icon null
iconStyle StyleProp<ImageStyle> left icon style null
title string title null
titleStyle StyleProp<TextStyle> title style null
subTitle string subtitle null
subTitleStyle StyleProp<TextStyle> subtitle style null
extra React.ReactNode custom content on the right null
swipeContent any side swipe content null
swipeContentButtonWidth number side slip distance cx(80)
style StyleProp<ViewStyle> component style null
rightIcon number | string | React.ReactNode right icon arrow
rightIconStyle StyleProp<ImageStyle> right icon style null
enableSwipe boolean whether to start sliding ios:true android:false
disabled boolean whether to disable false
showRightArrow boolean whether to show the right arrow true
showShadow boolean whether to show shadows true
onScroll function side slip trigger event null
onPress function short press trigger event null
onLongPress function long press trigger event null
content React.ReactNode customize container content null


import { DeviceItem } from 'tuya-panel-remote-sdk'

class Index extends Component { 
  render() { 
    return  <DeviceItem
          style={{ marginBottom: cx(20), borderColor: 'red', borderWidth: cx(2) }}