IPC SDK Architecture

Last Updated on : 2022-03-01 14:01:20download

IPC SDK encapsulates IP camera (IPC) functionalities on top of Smart Life App SDK. The IPC SDK consists of three layers on its architecture: Smart Life App SDK, IPC communication layer, and IPC business layer.

  • IPC business layer: implements business features, such as transmission and display of audio and videos, live video streaming, device control, SD card-stored video playback, alert messages, and cloud-stored video management.

  • IPC communication layer: implements P2P connections. Dependent components at this layer include P2P SDK, Audio-engine, and more.

  • Smart Life App SDK: provides a variety of modules for mobile app development in home-based smart life scenarios, and encapsulates APIs respecting smart devices and cloud-based communication.

    IPC SDK Architecture