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IPC SDK encapsulates the APIs to communicate with remote IP cameras (IPCs) and accelerates app development.

IPC SDK capabilities

IPC SDK supports the following features:

  • Preview the images captured by an IPC in real time.
  • Play the video footage recorded by the IPC and stored on an SD card.
  • The app records live videos collected by the IPC.
  • Play audio from the IPC and talk to the IPC.
  • Send commands to or receive responses from the IPC.
  • Store video data in the cloud.
  • Detect alarms.

IPC features

Tuya-enabled IPCs support the following features that can vary depending on IPC manufacturers.

  • Device pairing
    • Wi-Fi Easy Connect (EZ) mode (Smart Config)
    • Hotspot mode (AP mode)
    • QR code mode
  • P2P video
    • Live video streaming
    • Memory card-stored video playback
    • Video original data
  • Doorbell call
    • Reject a doorbell call
    • Answer a doorbell call
    • Hang up a doorbell call
  • Low power doorbell
    • Battery management
    • Sleep and wake
  • Cloud storage
    • Cloud storage service subscription
    • Event cloud storage
    • Cloud video playback
  • Alarms
    • Message list
    • Audio and video message playback
  • Expansion ability
    • PTZ control
    • Memory card management
    • Detect alarms
    • Others