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SDK Architecture

Last Updated on : 2022-02-16 08:56:54download

IPC SDK encapsulates IP camera (IPC) functionalities on top of Smart Life App SDK.


The IPC SDK consists of four layers on its architecture: SDK utilities, communication layer, core layer, and vertical business layer.

  • SDK utilities: provides common utility methods to implement features, such as JSON serialization and string encoding and decoding.

  • Communication layer: encapsulates the implementation of network channels through HTTPS, MQTT, socket, and peer-to-peer (P2P) connections.

  • Core layer: supports basic features respecting user management, home management, device management, IPC management, and more.

  • Vertical business layer: implements business features, such as device features, alert messages, and cloud-stored video management.

    SDK Architecture


The IPC SDK depends on certain modules provided by the Smart Life App SDK, for example, user management, home management, device management, device pairing, and basic communication. When you integrate the IPC SDK into your project with CocoaPods, these modules are automatically imported.

Module Description
TuyaSmartCameraKit IPC features, cloud storage management, alerts, and more
TYCameraCloudServicePanelSDK Subscribe to cloud storage
TuyaSmartCameraBase API methods for basic IPC features
TuyaSmartCameraM Implement IPC features
TuyaSmartDeviceKit Home and device management
TuyaSmartActivatorKit Device pairing
TuyaSmartBaseKit API methods for user management and generic cloud features
TuyaCameraSDK Implement P2P connections for IPCs
TuyaSmartSocketChannelKit Implement socket connections
TuyaSmartMQTTChannelKit Implement MQTT connections
TuyaSmartUtil Implement basic utility methods
TYEncryptImage Display encrypted images