Development Guide for Android

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The Smart Camera SDK includes APIs for communication with the smart camera and the value-added service, helping you quickly build a mobile app for smart cameras. This SDK depends on the Smart Life App SDK. For more information, see Fast Integration with Smart Life App SDK.


The Smart Camera SDK supports cube cameras, PTZ cameras, doorbells, multi-lens cameras, two-way video talk cameras with screens, dash cameras, and 4G cameras, with the following app features.

  • Video streaming
    Live streaming, decoding videos stored in the local storage and cloud, and integrating with video windows or YUV raw streams.

  • Video stream processing
    APIs for rendering, rotation, splitting, storage, screenshot, and recording.

  • Motion detection alert
    APIs for motion detection.

  • Device control
    APIs for rotating the lens and setting the region of interest, image, and night vision.

  • Value-added services
    APIs for cloud storage, video patrol, AI capabilities, and 4G data purchase.

  • Two-way video talk
    APIs for two-way video talk between the camera and the mobile app.