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Error Codes

Last Updated on : 2022-03-03 08:20:12download

This topic describes the error codes for operations supported by the IPC SDK. Most of the error codes apply to peer-to-peer (P2P) video streaming.

Status code Description
0 Success callback.
-3 The connection timed out.
-8 The connection is closed.
-12 The connection is closed by an IPC.
-13 The connection is closed due to timeout after no response is returned.
-10001 The device is not connected or the session is closed.
-10002 The session is invalid.
-10003 The request timed out.
-10004 The P2P connection is canceled.
-10006 The device is offline.
-20001 The command is invalid.
-20002 The parameters are invalid.
-20003 The data is invalid.
-20004 The cloud-stored video playback task in the starting state is interrupted by the Stop operation.
-10000 The SDK has not been initialized.
-20005 The operation is not permitted.
-20006 The current app version does not support the specified protocol. Update the app.
-20007 The device service is busy. For example, multiple users are talking to the device.
-30001 Failed to download the file.
-30002 The device is not in the playback state.
-30003 Failed to set the playback speed.
-30004 The device is not in the cloud-stored video playback state.
-30005 Failed to delete playback data.
-30006 The duration of the video clips to be downloaded for playback exceeds the upper limit or is 0.
-30007 Playback images can only be .jpg files.
-30008 A status error has occurred while downloading video clips for playback.
-30011 No records found for the current status.
-30012 The specified audio and video parameters are incorrect.
-30013 Failed to write to the MP4 file header.
-30014 Failed to write to the MP4 file trailer.