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Error Codes

Last Updated on : 2022-02-16 08:57:26download

Error code Description
0 No error has occurred.
1 Video clip playback is finished.
-10000 The SDK has not been initialized.
-10001 The IPC peer-to-peer (P2P) connection is not created.
-10002 The P2P session is invalid.
-10003 Timeout has occurred.
-10004 The P2P connection is canceled.
-10006 The IPC has gone offline.
-20001 The command is invalid.
-20002 The parameters are invalid.
-20003 The data is invalid.
-20004 The task is interrupted.
-20005 The task is not allowed.
-20006 The current SDK version does not support the specified protocol.
-20007 The current device is busy. For example, it is running a conversation with another app.
-20008 The system has run out of memory.
-30001 Failed to download the file.