Timeline Component

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The timeline view component linearly displays the time points of SD card-stored or cloud-stored video footage to be played back. Users can slide the timeline and precisely locate the target time point and video clip to start playback.


Timeline Component

Integration components

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.thingclips.smart:thingsmart-ipc-camera-timeline:1.1.0'


Class name Description
ThingTimelineView Timeline controls
OnBarMoveListener Callbacks for sliding timeline
OnSelectedTimeListener The callback that is executed when a time range is selected with a selection frame on the timeline

Timeline controls

Custom properties

Name Description
topTextMargin The top spacing of text.
bottomTextMargin The bottom spacing of text.
smallRulerHeight The height of short scales.
timeScaleColor The color of the time text.
linesColor The color of tick marks.
bubbleColor The background color of bubbles.
bubbleTextColor The color of bubble text.

Set colors for rendering timeline data

void setContentShader(Shader contentShader)

Set a time zone

void setTimeZone(TimeZone zone)

Set whether to display bubble text

Specifies whether to display the current time with bubble text when users slide the timeline or select a mode.

void setShowBubbleWhenDrag(boolean show)

Set time unit width

Sets the width of a time unit. Unit: px.

void setSpacePerUnit(int spacePerUnit)

Set time unit

API description

The time unit. The value can be set to 60 seconds, 600 seconds, or 3,600 seconds.

void setUnitMode(TimelineUnitMode mode)


Enum value Description
TimelineUnitMode.Mode_60 Each time unit is 60 seconds.
TimelineUnitMode.Mode_600 Each time unit is 600 seconds.
TimelineUnitMode.Mode_3600 Each time unit is 3,600 seconds.

Set whether to show time text

void setShowTimeText(boolean showTimeText)

Set whether to show short tick marks

void setShowShortMark(boolean showShortMark)

Enable or disable time selection mode

void showSelectTimeArea(boolean open)

Set time range selected with selection frame

The minimum and maximum durations that can be selected with the selection frame. Unit: seconds.

void setSelectTimeAreaRange(long min, long max)

Set selection frame color

void setSelectionBoxColor(int color)

Set vertical line color

void setSelectCenterColor(int selectCenterColor)

Determine selection mode

boolean isSelectionEnabled()

Set timeline parameters

void setCurrentTimeConfig(long currentTimeInMillisecond)

Set current time

Sets the current time. Unit: milliseconds.

void setCurrentTimeInMillisecond(long currentTimeInMillisecond)

Display bubble text

Displays bubble text in the 12-hour clock format.

void setTimeAmPmString(String timeAmString, String timePmString)

Set clip list

void setRecordDataExistTimeClipsList(List<TimeBean> source)

Auto play next clip

public void setCanQueryData()

Enable or disable auto playback

public synchronized void setQueryNewVideoData(boolean var1);

Set timeline style

API description

public void setStyle(int style);


Value Description
1 Timescale values appear above the timeline and short scales are visible. This is the default style.
2 Timescale values appear below the timeline and short scales are invisible.

For Style 2, bubble text appears above the timeline. In this case, set the parent layout of the timeline to android:clipChildren="false" to avoid display exceptions.

Set central tick mark color

public void setMiddleCursorColor(int color)

Callbacks for sliding timeline

Timeline sliding started

void onBarActionDown()

Timeline sliding

API description

void onBarMove(long screenLeftTime, long screenRightTime, long currentTime)


Parameter Description
screenLeftTime The leftmost time on the screen.
screenRightTime The rightmost time on the screen.
currentTime The current time.

Timeline sliding stopped

API description

Automatically locates the clips available for playback after sliding to the current position.

void onBarMoveFinish(long startTime, long endTime, long currentTime)


Parameter Description
startTime The start time of the clips available for playback. -1 is returned if no clips are found.
endTime The end time of the clips available for playback. -1 is returned if no clips are found.
currentTime The time when sliding is stopped. -1 is returned if no clips are found.

Callback for selecting time range with selection frame

API description

void onDragging(long selectStartTime, long selectEndTime)


Parameter Description
selectStartTime The leftmost time of the selection frame.
selectEndTime The rightmost time of the selection frame.