Android Device Connection

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TuyaOS SDK for Andriod is built on top of the TuyaOS architecture and designed for IoT applications. It applies to Android 4.4 and later versions that are adapted to the data format defined by the Tuya IoT Development Platform.


A host of application components are provided to suit your particular requirements without unnecessary overheads on IoT application development.

SDK features

  • Platform-agnostic: Abstract away the hardware layer and encapsulate standard APIs into the SDK to support quick integration with chipset platforms that run on Android.
  • Safe and reliable: Our proven SDK provides stable performance. All communication data and device information are encrypted to secure your IoT deployment.
  • Various components: The SDK provides both basic and advanced features including device pairing, two-way communication between devices and the cloud, testing and authorization, OTA updates as well as media streaming and control hub.