TuyaOSNB-IoT Device Framework

NB-IoT Development Framework

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NB-IoT Development Framework is built on top of TuyaOS for low-power NB-IoT device development. It comes with the NB-IoT communication stacks (LwM2M and China Mobile OneNET) and a variety of libraries.


To make your development much simpler, Tuya makes adaptations to popular chip platforms and provides the standard network modules.

With a specific sub-device development kit and Tuya’s standard network modules, you can focus on writing application code instead of spending time on the required infrastructure.


  • Cross-platform: Abstract away the hardware layer and encapsulate standard APIs into the SDK to support quick integration with various chip platforms.
  • Safe and reliable: The proven TuyaOS technology provides stable performance. All communication data and device information are encrypted to secure your IoT deployment.
  • Various components: TuyaOS provides a bunch of IoT capabilities in the form of APIs, including device pairing, upstream and downstream communication, production test, authorization, and OTA updates.


  • Public utility: smart metering, smart water management, smart fire extinguisher, and smart fire hydrant.
  • Smart health: medication tracker, remote patient monitoring, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, health-tracking wearables, and baby monitor.
  • Smart city: smart street lighting, smart parking, smart waste bin, public security alarm, and environment monitoring.
  • Consumer electronics: bicycle, GPS tracker, smart suitcase, and POS machine.
  • Agriculture and environment: precision planting, livestock farming, aquaculture, and food quality monitoring.
  • Logistics and warehousing: asset tracking, warehouse management, fleet tracking, and courier tracking.
  • Smart buildings: smoke detector, fire detector, water leak detector, and motion detector.
  • Manufacturing: equipment monitoring, energy monitoring, chemicals plants monitoring, and predictive maintenance.