TuyaOSZigbee Sub-Device Development Framework

Zigbee Sub-Device Development Framework

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Zigbee Sub-Device Development Framework provides easy-to-use and unified APIs for developing Zigbee sub-devices. The standard APIs allow for seamless application porting across chip platforms to accelerate your time to market.


Zigbee Sub-Device Development Framework provides standard APIs for a range of features, including network management, hardware interfaces, upstream and downstream communication, local group, standard scenes, production test and authorization, and OTA update. This frees you to focus on application innovation.

With the framework, you can develop Zigbee 3.0 devices that can connect to third-party Zigbee 3.0 gateways or to the Tuya IoT Development Platform through Tuya-enabled gateways.

Supported platforms

Zigbee Sub-Device Development Framework applies to the following chip platforms and device types.

Chip platform Router Low power device


  • Incremental OTA update: An incremental update is an OTA package that contains only the difference between the current and new firmware versions. It is smaller and delivered faster than a full update package. An incremental update has a small footprint, leaving more flash memory for application code.

  • Bulk OTA update: Update the Zigbee devices in a local group in bulk.

  • Auto-recovery: When a Zigbee device enters the pairing mode after local reset by button press, it can automatically restore to the previous Zigbee network if pairing timeout or power failure occurs. The group and scene configuration will not be lost. This feature can prevent a device from leaving the network by unintended operations.

Support and help

If you have any problems with TuyaOS development, you can post your questions in the Tuya Developer Forum.