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Bluetooth Sub-Device Development Framework

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Smart device manufacturers can choose Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), a short-range wireless communication technology, to connect their devices to the Smart Life app and Tuya IoT Development Platform.

A Bluetooth LE device is a kind of sub-devices in Tuya’s technology system. Bluetooth LE devices support three topology options.

  • Point-to-point: A network topology used for establishing one-to-one device communications. Based on Bluetooth Generic Attribute Profile (GATT), the point-to-point topology is commonly used in a wide range of wireless scenarios.
  • Mesh networking: A network topology used for establishing many-to-many device communications. The mesh topology enables the creation of large-scale device networks and is ideally suited for lighting and electrical products to implement bulk pairing and control.
  • Broadcast: A network topology used for establishing one-to-many device communications. The broadcast topology is ideally suited for building reliability-insensitive products with simple features.

You can use Bluetooth Development Framework, Bluetooth Mesh Development Framework, and Bluetooth Beacon Mesh Development Framework to implement point-to-point, mesh, and broadcast connections respectively.


  • Cross-platform: TuyaOS Kernel Layer (TKL) API tackles the heterogeneity of platforms, systems, and protocols, enabling you to develop once and deploy across platforms.
  • Low-code: Unified business and driver frameworks allow you to focus on building applications without taking care of specific implementations. Various reference applications let you quickly implement device connectivity by editing the sample code.
  • Feature-rich components: A host of components covers basic services, security, middleware, and various IoT services, which can basically address all aspects of your IoT product. You can integrate with the Tuya ecosystem, Tuya-based mobile apps and gateways as well as cloud services.
  • Stable and reliable: Powered by Tuya device shipments are over 100 million each year, presenting the stability of TuyaOS Networked Product Development Framework.
  • Interconnection: With the unified TuyaOS data point (DP) device model, devices can discover and talk to each other over the internet or LAN and thus achieve cloud or LAN-based automation.
  • Security and compliance: Considering security and costs, different security levels are available to choose from based on your case. Secure data storage, identity authentication, and secure connection and communication are supported. Network access and data processing comply with the local regulations applicable to the protection of personal data, helping you roll out products globally.


Build electrical products, lighting products, home appliances, sensors, remote controls, outdoor products, door locks, gateways, and beyond.

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