TuyaOSCentral Control Framework

Central Control Development Framework

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A multifunctional central control screen acts as a control hub that enables easy interaction between end users and smart devices in smart homes, hotels, and parks. It can connect to and control devices that use protocols such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth mesh.

Central Control Device Development Kit comes with the TuyaOS system, allowing device control by touch screen, voice, and mobile app. The development kit provides a bunch of features including control of devices and scenes, voice skills, home management, smart services, and more. The home hub with this kit integrated can help deliver an ultimate smart life experience.

Running on the Linux kernel, the development kit is integrated with gateway functionality, user interaction, and smart scenes and supports home management, device control, and LAN-based control to help you develop efficiently.


  • Various product categories: Allow control of a majority of Tuya-enabled products. The compatible device landscape is expanding.
  • Extensive-protocol support: Connect to and control devices using wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and infrared.
  • Multiple control options: Different control options are available, such as single-device control, group control, and tap-to-run.
  • UI hot update: Update the UI of the control panel on the fly without deploying full updates and restarting devices.
  • Cross-platform: TuyaOS Kernel Layer (TKL) API tackles the heterogeneity of platforms, systems, and protocols, enabling you to develop once and deploy across platforms.
  • Low-code: Unified business and driver frameworks allow you to focus on building applications without taking care of specific implementations. Various reference applications let you quickly implement device connectivity by editing the sample code.
  • Feature-rich components: A host of components covers basic services, security, networking middleware, and various IoT services, which can basically address all aspects of your IoT product. You can integrate with the Tuya ecosystem, Tuya-based mobile apps, and cloud services.


Build central control screens for use cases such as smart homes, hotels, real estate, apartments, and industrial parks.

Support and help

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