TuyaOSThread Sub-Device Development Framework

Thread Sub-Device Development Framework

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Thread Sub-Device Development Framework provides easy-to-use and unified APIs for developing Matter over Thread sub-devices. The standard APIs allow for seamless application porting across chip platforms to accelerate your time to market.


Thread Sub-Device Development Framework provides standard APIs for a range of features, including network management, hardware interfaces, upstream and downstream communication, production test and authorization, and OTA update. It frees you up to focus on application innovation and build a Matter over Thread product, instead of delving into chip platforms and Matter APIs.

This development framework enables you to develop a standard Matter over Thread device. The device can connect to the Tuya IoT Development Platform via a Tuya-enabled gateway or to third-party platforms such as Google Home, Apple Home, and Amazon Alexa through compatible hubs, providing users with a rich and enhanced experience.


Build electrical products, lighting products, home appliances, sensors, outdoor products, door locks, and beyond.

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