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TuyaOSTuyaOS Development Framework

TuyaOS Development Framework

Last Updated on : 2022-12-14 10:09:38download

This topic describes TuyaOS development frameworks for different product categories. The updates of the development kit specific to each development framework are released periodically.

  • Generally available releases

    You can directly download them from Tuya Wind IDE.

  • Non-generally available releases

    You need to submit a service ticket to request permissions to download these releases. When you create a ticket, choose MCU Embedded Development > TuyaOS Multi-Code Development and click Create.

    Provide the necessary information, including the Tuya IoT Development Platform account, the ID and version of the development framework, and the chip you use. Tuya will grant you access to the requested development kit. Then you can download it from the Tuya Wind IDE.

Networked Product Development Framework

  • Networked Product Development Framework is tailored to different connectivity protocols. The framework includes essential functionalities, such as networking and device control, to quickly enable a product to connect to the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

  • Release Notes

Cellular Product Development Framework

Sub-Device Development Framework

Gateway Development Framework

Central Control Development Framework

IPC Development Framework

  • IPC Development Framework provides you with a bunch of essential features, including device control, OTA updates, audio and video service, and streaming service, to help you bring an IPC product to the market faster.

  • Release Notes