TuyaOSGateway Framework

Gateway Development Framework

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TuyaOS Gateway Development Framework is designed to simplify software development for smart gateways. It helps you quickly connect a product to the Tuya IoT Development Platform, make it smart, and get ready for production deployment.


  • Cross-platform: TuyaOS Kernel Layer (TKL) API makes it easy to port your software to another chip platform or operating system.
  • Multi-protocol: Enable multiple protocols such as Zigbee, Bluetooth, KNX, PLC, and Modbus to support a diverse sub-device landscape.
  • Low-code: Service APIs allow you to focus on building applications without taking care of specific implementations.
  • Hot update: Connect to sub-devices on the fly without upgrading gateway firmware.
  • Safe and reliable: Proven technologies ensure stable and reliable performance.
  • Various components: A bunch of components allows you to flexibly build a software stack towards a differentiated gateway product.
  • Interconnection: With the unified TuyaOS data point (DP) device model, devices across protocols can talk to each other over the internet or LAN.
  • Security and compliance: Secure data storage, identity authentication, and secure connection and communication are supported. Network access and data processing comply with the local regulations applicable to the protection of personal data, helping you roll out products globally.


Gateway Development Framework


Build smart gateways for use cases such as smart homes, hotels, real estate, apartments, industry, and agriculture.

Support and help

If you have any problems with TuyaOS development, you can post your questions in the Tuya Developer Forum.