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TuyaOSQuick Start

TuyaOS Quick Start

Last Updated on : 2023-05-12 05:45:41download

This tutorial describes the process of basic product development using the TuyaOS development framework.



  • Development mode

    To help you quickly get started, this tutorial uses TuyaOS OS development mode.

  • Development framework

  • Hardware

    This tutorial uses the BK7231N platform and Tuya Sandwich development board. Alternatively, use a Tuya module of the same development platform for debugging.

Tool installation

Install Tuya Wind IDE.

Development process

  1. Create a product on the Tuya IoT Development Platform and define functions.

  2. Log in to Tuya Wind IDE and download the Tuya OS development framework.

  3. Develop and debug applications.

  4. After development is done, upload the test report to the Tuya IoT Development Platform and release the product.

  5. Proceed with product certification and mass production as needed.

    This tutorial covers steps 1 to 3. For more information about steps 4 to 5, see Test Services and Product Certification.

    TuyaOS Quick Start


  1. Create Product: Uses a lighting product as an example to describe how to create a product on the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

  2. Download and Debugging: Describes how to download a development framework and debug with the demo application.

  3. Feature Demonstration: Describes how to pair and control a smart device by using the Smart Life app.