Product Certificate

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A product needs a series of certifications to get a sales permit. By virtue of the rich experience in the implementation of smart product solutions, Tuya provides multiple hardware certification support services. You can select the required certification support service based on your product type and certification requirements.

Certification solution

Module regulatory certification

The cloud modules provide by Tuya are approved by most national regulators. For more information about the module certifications, see the appendix sections in the module data sheet in the Network Modules directory. If you need the certifications, you can get them from Service & Support.

Regulatory certification for finished products

Smart devices need to get the compulsory product certification of the countries and regions before they enter the market. The certification standards of different countries and regions are different. Tuya provides product regulatory support services in the major regions. Taking the typical FCC and CE certifications as examples, Tuya provides hardware prototypes required for fixed-frequency conduction, fixed-frequency radiation, and adaptive tests. Developers select fixed-frequency prototypes according to the requirements of the certification laboratory, and Tuya will provide test-related documentation and technical support services to help developers quickly complete product certification services.

For more information about regulatory certification for finished products, see Certification test support.

Performance certification

When products are exported abroad, some importers will require the products to have the US Energy Star or DLC certification, so that they can get policy subsidies from the US government when selling their products. Products with performance certifications have an advantage over products without performance certifications. The collocation of Tuya software solutions and hardware solutions on the mainstream market can meet the Energy Star certification requirements. For more information about the solutions, see Hardware Design Solution. If you have any questions concerning power consumption you can resort to Service & Support.

Certification service for platform suppliers

WWGA and WWA are the official voice assistant access service certifications for Google and Amazon respectively. This type of certification not only indicates that the product can be controlled by a voice assistant, but the reliability, response speed, and comprehensive experience of the voice function have been officially recognized. After the certifications are granted, certification marks such as Works with Google Assistant and Works with Alexa can also be printed on the products’ outer packaging, which can enhance consumers’ trust and loyalty for the product. Tuya will help developers to conduct related tests on products and increase the pass rate of official certification.

For more information about the certification service for platform suppliers, see WWGA Certification.

Patentability certification

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Zigbee, and other protocols have organized related alliances to certify products that use this protocol. For Common protocols such as Wi-Fi alliance, BQB alliance, Zigbee alliance, and more, the products must be marked with protocol certification and get the certification of related alliances. For more information about patentability certification, see Patentability certification.

Certification process

According to the different certification types, it is divided into the following two types:

  • Regulatory certification for finished products

    1. The customer finds a certificate authority to apply for the opening of the case.

    2. Purchase certification samples from the Tuya Developer Platform.

    3. Provide the certification materials for the certificate authority to test the products.

    4. Complete the certification and release the certificate.

      For more information, see Certification Guidance.

  • Platform suppliers and patentability certification

    1. Log in to VAS.

    2. Click Certification, and select a certification type to subscribe to.
      Product Certificate

    3. Enter the information in accordance with the certification service process.

    4. Complete the certification and release the certificate.

      For more information, see WWGA Certification.