Connection Methods

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Tuya Developer Platform allows you to connect smart devices, gateways, services, and applications to the cloud. In the product development stage, you choose the desired connection method to achieve two-way communication between the device and the cloud, enabling devices to interact with the cloud-based services and applications and other connected devices. Choose the development method that best suits your requirements.

TuyaOS, MCU standard protocol, gateway connectivity, and no code are four approaches to developing a smart product on the Tuya Developer Platform. When creating a product, select TuyaOS as the smart mode if you use one of these four approaches.

Connection method Description Applicability
TuyaOS A range of development frameworks is available for various product categories, such as networked products, sub-devices, gateways, central controls, IPCs, and NVRs, allowing you to tailor them to your needs. Backed by the TuyaOS kernel and various development components, TuyaOS is designed to tackle the heterogeneity of platforms, systems, protocols, and applications, freeing up developers to focus on more creative areas.
MCU standard protocol The MCU standard protocol allows you to quickly upgrade your current product to a smart one by using the Tuya network module and integrating with the MCU SDK. With a few lines of code on the MCU side, you can enable communication between devices and the cloud. If you prefer not to get into the complexities of wireless communication implementation, this method is suitable for your needs.
Gateway connectivity This method helps you enable interoperability between devices across different brands and protocols, allowing for the creation of innovative applications in the smart home and IoT industries. Enable seamless communication between Tuya-enabled gateways and third-party Matter and Zigbee sub-devices, as well as Tuya-enabled Zigbee and Bluetooth sub-devices. A Tuya-enabled gateway can act as a hub to connect to third-party gateways, clouds, and on-premises servers.
No code The no-code development applies to SoC-based products. Dozens of solutions stem from the best and proven practices on common devices and their typical features, such as electrical and lighting products. Tuya provides network modules, mobile apps, and cloud services. You simply click and select the desired solution from a range of options.
TuyaLink TuyaLink allows you to connect third-party smart devices to the Tuya platform with standardized development processes. All devices (not integrated with Tuya’s modules) that connect directly or indirectly to the internet. The end-to-end services that include device models, development and debugging, and data parsing help you connect, control, and manage IoT devices, all in one place.
Edge gateway Edge computing gateway (edge gateway for short) extends cloud capabilities to local edge devices and enables edge devices to quickly respond to local events with local computing services. These services feature low latency, cost efficiency, secure privacy, and local autonomy. It helps you connect IoT devices that communicate over popular IoT protocols to the Tuya platform by using specific drivers. Local autonomy or devices communicating over protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, OPC UA, OPC DA, SNMP, KNX, DALI, and more.