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IoT apps serve as the intermediate that mates IoT devices with mobile phones. You can use an IoT app to get smart devices synchronized after they are connected to the cloud and grant smart devices seamless access to key data. This allows users to remotely manage smart devices with little effort. This topic describes the benefits and development solutions of IoT apps provided by Tuya.

Development solutions

Tuya IoT Development Platform provides the following beneficial options to boost up your IoT business:

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) App: you can develop and deploy secure and managed IoT solutions tailored for individuals or enterprises. Specific mobile app templates are available to accelerate the development process.

  • IoT App SDK: allows you to get hands-on experience in building custom IoT solutions from scratch.

  • Panel Center: supports the development of Tuya’s smart panels that are adaptive to multiple terminals for smart device control.

    App Development

IoT mobile apps

All-in-one app

Tuya provides all-in-one apps that have the features of being free, immediate use, easy control, diversified scenarios, useful functions, and world readiness.

OEM app

This service is a one-stop shop for the development and management of IoT mobile apps. No-code development solutions are available for you to create and configure apps online without extra technical investment.

No coding skills are required. The system walks you through building app packages on the platform. The following visualized steps are performed:

  1. Customize UI elements, such as the app name, app icon, and theme color.

  2. Set functions supported by the app.

  3. Configure required information, such as user agreements, privacy policies, digital map services, and push notification certificates.

    After the app package passes the acceptance test, you can launch the app in app stores.

    For more information, see OEM App.

Customized App

If you require customized app development, you can contact Tuya’s PM to evaluate the requirements and get started with the development. We recommend that you dive deeper into the process of customized app development and the cooperative details with Tuya to ensure efficient development. For more information, see Customized App.


In specific IoT scenarios, you might need a more personalized app rather than an OEM app. You might also plan to connect your proprietary apps to smart devices. Tuya provides the IoT App SDK service to meet your business requirements. This service is dedicated to the development of IoT mobile apps. Sufficient components and sample code are available to build your desired apps. Therefore, you can use the apps to quickly implement connections to and control of smart devices and trigger smart scenes. For more information, see the SDK documentation and tutorials.

Panel Center

Each panel is a program that runs on the Tuya Smart app, an OEM app, or an app developed based on Tuya UI BizBundles. It is a graphical user interface (GUI) application that controls smart devices.

Compared with native apps, a panel is developed based on React Native. This framework allows you to write once and run anywhere across multiple platforms. In addition, panel development supports hot updates. The review of app launch is no longer very much a work in progress. App updates, iterations, and bug fixes can be launched with a few simple steps.

Panel Studio

The Panel Studio supports drag-and-drop configurations of the panel layout. It is also presented as a do-it-yourself offering to implement customized interaction logic and create personalized panels based on specific built-in rule capabilities. For more information, see Panel Studio.

Panel SDKs

Panel SDKs can be leveraged to generate programs compatible with multiple platforms through streamlined app development. Only one app is enough to support running across platforms. For more information, see Panel SDKs.

App Development