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Tuya IoT Development PlatformSaaS Application Development

SaaS Application Development

Last Updated on : 2022-08-26 01:52:35


Tuya’s SaaS Development Framework is a tool designed for quick SaaS development and built on top of the micro application system. This framework abstracts SaaS features into micro applications. Then, on the no-code platform, you can assemble and configure these micro applications into SaaS products ready for delivery as needed. Learn more.

Quickly create SaaS

Template-based OEM SaaS

Choose among the following SaaS templates to your preference, go to the SaaS No-Code Platform, and then click Copy Now to create your own SaaS for trial.

  • IoT Basic System

    Support device pairing, device control, and rule engine-based scene automation, and improve the management of lighting and smart spaces such as parking lots and classrooms. Source code is available to support your custom development. Try it now.

  • Building Environment Management System

    Create all-around environmental monitoring and management systems for commercial buildings (such as offices and hotels), medical spaces, home spaces, engineering spaces, and more indoor spaces. Try it now.

  • Circuit Breaker Management System

    Centrally manage circuit breakers in bulk located at places such as transformer rooms and buildings, supercharged by energy measurement, remote management, and troubleshooting. Try it now.

  • Smart Operations Platform

    Offer a wide range of capabilities like user segmentation, reach, and data reports, specially designed for IoT scenarios. Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time to meet your requirements on all fronts. Try it now.

Custom development

To explore beyond the existing SaaS templates, you can get started with the custom development of micro application components. For more information, see Custom Development.

SaaS Application Development


Why use SaaS Development Framework to develop micro applications?

  • Integration Made Quick, Technology Stack Agnostic: Deliver main applications and autonomous micro applications interoperable across any tech frameworks such as React and Vue.
  • Explore Based on and Far Beyond Tuya Ecosystem: Bring containerized open-platform capabilities to your journey on the Tuya IoT Development Platform. Push the boundaries of Tuya’s ecosystem and meet your custom development needs for main applications and micro applications.
  • Incremental Updates: Support application-specific updates to facilitate incremental maintenance of the micro application architecture after continuous iterations.
  • Flexible O&M Management: Private, fully-managed, and partially-managed deployment options help you configure OEM SaaS capabilities and site hosting without coding. SaaS development from scratch has never been easier.

How is SaaS Development Framework priced?

No charges will be incurred for SaaS Development Framework, except for the charges for cloud API calls.
Currently, basic micro application components, respecting user management, role management, device management, asset management, and scene automation, are time-limited free.

Does SaaS Development Framework have a limit on programming languages?

No, it does not have any limit on frontend and backend programming languages.