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Smart Industries

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Intended for specific industry scenarios, smart industry solutions are energized by Tuya’s ecosystem, open IoT cloud services, and a wide array of mobile apps. A great number of well-established solutions are delivered to drive your implementation of smart scenarios and unlock the huge potential for increasingly integrating IoT and new business opportunities.

  • Commercial Lighting: You can enable bulk device control in a large space for commercial use. Based on the professional requirements of users in the commercial lighting environment, this solution provides sufficient lighting control strategies. You can implement smart operations and management of architectural lighting.

  • Smart Community: Based on community services, you can update basic information of a community in real time, and build unified community management databases with households (people) as the core. Houses, addresses, vehicles, relationships, and other details are linked by household in the databases.

  • Integration with Industry Devices: You can integrate third-party smart devices with the Tuya IoT Development Platform through the Tuya IoT Edge Gateway.

  • Smart Building: You can achieve smart management of various devices in a building, no matter whether they are conventional or smart. Based on the professional requirements of users in the building environment, this solution provides a wide array of capabilities for you to implement smart operations and management of buildings. They include lighting systems, smart access control, and energy consumption management.

  • Smart Industry: Driven by the Tuya IoT Development Platform, a variety of industrial resources can be interconnected, such as production devices and facilities. This helps to empower industrial partners in the vertical market and implement digital transformation.

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