Smart Building

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Smart Building SaaS allows you to achieve smart management of various devices in a building, no matter whether they are conventional or smart. Based on users’ professional requirements for the building environment, this solution provides a wide array of capabilities. They include lighting systems, smart security monitoring, smart access control, and energy consumption management. You can implement smart operations and management of buildings.

A complete solution is offered to encompass construction, batch management, automation control, classified energy statistics, smart security, and smart access control, backed by the App SDK. This accelerates the development of smart projects and minimizes your management costs.

Moreover, the smart building SaaS offers a variety of value-added services, coupled with ready-to-use templates for different industry scenarios.

Integration methods

  • TuyaLink
    TuyaLink is an open solution that enables IoT devices, including proprietary network modules and smart devices, to connect to Tuya’s cloud services.

    TuyaLink lowers the bar for IoT development by integrating with Tuya’s IoT Core technologies, including things data model, rule engines, data parsing, device management, operations and monitoring, alert management, OTA firmware updates, and application development.

    TuyaLink allows you to quickly integrate with the Tuya ecosystem and achieve interconnectivity between devices across different domains. A range of development resources for PaaS, SaaS, and apps helps you implement IoT projects with improved cost efficiency and reduced lead time.

    Smart Building

  • Edge Gateway
    Edge computing gateway (edge gateway for short) extends cloud capabilities to local edge devices and enables edge devices to quickly respond to local events with local computing services. These services feature low latency, cost efficiency, secure privacy, and local autonomy.

    All services are installed from Docker images. This enables easy deployment and efficient management across platforms. On top of that, the edge gateway provides excellent support for link security, application scenarios, and cloud development components. Powered by Tuya devices are compatible with common IoT protocols to extend the types of supported smart devices. You can select a preferred protocol to support third-party hardware devices based on your needs.

    Smart Building