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Tuya IoT Development Platform

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Tuya IoT Development Platform is committed to building interconnection standards to facilitate smart development for all walks of brand owners, OEM manufacturers, developers, retailers, and other IoT participants. Based on the public cloud deployed across the world, the Tuya IoT Development Platform processes more than 100 million device requests and interactions on a daily basis and interconnects smart devices in varied smart scenarios. The platform provides a broad portfolio of services that cover hardware development tools, IoT cloud services, and smart business development. Thus, you can unlock your imagination on all fronts, ranging from technological advancement to marketing channel expansion.

Tuya IoT Development Platform

As of March 31, 2022, Tuya IoT Development Platform has accumulated over 582,000 registered developers from over 200 countries and regions serving more than 8,400 customers and 4,100 brands. Smart devices powered by Tuya are currently available in approximately 120,000 channels all over the world.

Tuya IoT Development Platform provides online self-service tools for you to drive IoT projects to new levels. It also delivers all-around products and services that meet you wherever you are, for example, standard processes, collaborative work divisions, online transactions, and technical support.

Self-service development

Tuya IoT Development Platform streamlines troubleshooting to energize your self-service development, such as things data model design, hardware selection, embedded development, and application development. Therefore, you can get productive results simply by independent development on the platform with the minimum costs. You do not need to involve in additional non-standard processes offline.

Tuya IoT Development Platform has been engaged for years in the successful implementation of projects and products. These vital practices have been polished into breakthrough self-service development models under constant iteration.

Tuya IoT Development Platform


Fast smart development solutions are placed at the forefront of the platform, including product development, app development, and cloud development.

  • Tuya’s product development solutions support thousands of product categories. End-to-end development processes are clarified, respecting the functional design, panel templates, firmware, hardware such as modules and printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), test cases, preset advanced smart configurations, and more. You can get started with the development with a few simple steps or retrofit an existing solution on your terms. A bunch of smart product solution templates have been fully tested by successful mass production. You can quickly complete the full cycle of development based on the templates, no matter whether you are new or experienced in smart product development. For more information about recommended solutions, see Solution Center.

    Tuya IoT Development Platform
  • To empower your app development, personalized OEM app templates are available to get your hands on an app that serves as a smart control hub. You can easily build and launch this type of app without writing any code.

    Tuya IoT Development Platform
  • Furthermore, cloud development paves the way for SaaS-based control and management of IoT devices and users. Your application development can be simplified with a variety of templates in cloud development.


Tuya takes the initiative to provide a simple five-step model of low-code development on the platform. This model walks you through a clear and easy-to-understand workflow of smart product development. Both beginners and hardware developers who have just transformed into the IoT field can get the full picture of IoT product development without a lot of preliminary preparations. You can learn and complete product development during the workflow. This five-step model sets the benchmark for low-code development in the industry.

In addition, comprehensive processes are iterated and released to promote your development of apps, mini programs, and cloud projects. The development time and expenses can be reduced to the most extent.


The self-service development platform is supplied with useful development tools. They play a key role to enhance efficiency and accuracy and simplify your development processes. For example,

  • Drag and drop components in visualized panel design with the UI Studio.
  • Debug panels and cloud commands with virtual device debugging.
  • Generate firmware with a GUI-based configuration process without coding.
  • Perform automated product tests with the Cloud Test.
  • Generate QR codes online.
  • Automatically generate certificates for launching apps.

Recommended self-service development products and services include:

Self-service transactions

Thanks to this one-stop platform, both individuals and organizations can complete smart development resource purchases in addition to online development. Modules, hardware components, licenses, premium cloud services, value-added services, and more materials can be ordered with a few clicks.

The parameters and production processes of required resources can vary, depending on different smart devices. The traditional IoT supply chains are vulnerable to inefficient communication, long-term production and stocking, and product rework caused by information errors.

To achieve efficient scheduling and mass production at a lower cost and speed up transactions, you can choose among sufficient self-service transaction products throughout the platform processes from product development to end product delivery. A full range of IoT supply chain services can be finished online, for example, production information management, order placement and management, electronic payment, and electronic contract signing.

Tuya IoT Development Platform

Recommended self-service transaction products and services include:

  • Production
  • Sample store
  • Purchase order management
  • Manufacturing information management
  • Contract management

For more information, see Purchase.

Self-service management

You can connect a large number of smart devices to the cloud. In this case, various IoT management and application transactions are processed, for example, operations and maintenance (O&M) management, updates, data analytics, and after-sales services. This results in costly on-site maintenance and management of devices, particularly if the number of devices is on the rise.

To fix the problem, the Tuya IoT Development Platform helps all participants out by the remote self-service management, regarding development, O&M, marketing, and customer services. Product and application owners can create an extraordinary user experience with shortened response times and minimized costs.

IoT management is classified into the following three sections on the platform. Platform accounts can be authorized to deal with different sections and collaborate within your team.

Remote O&M

Tuya IoT Device Management facilitates the development and O&M of worldwide smart devices that interconnect in the cloud. This service helps you with monitoring, log tracking, remote management, and OTA updates. If a device enters a preset state or reports certain data, or based on specified push notifications, alerts or messages can be sent to device users and platform O&M staff who can take responsive measures. For more information, see Devices.

Tuya IoT Development Platform Tuya IoT Development Platform

Data analytics

Networked devices and applications transmit a large amount of data to the cloud. The data is desensitized and encrypted in compliance with data security regulations before its statistics results are presented on the Tuya IoT Development Platform. You can dive deep into the data analytics, and gain actionable insights for development, market research, and operations. Common statistics patterns for devices, apps, and user feedback can be implemented with visual data dashboards. Plenty of statistical methods and tools are designed to fit your needs. Typically, you can customize the target time and regions, and calculate differentiated statistics by quantity or percentage.

Moreover, you can download the raw data for statistics for further independent analytics to meet your personalized requirements. For more information, see Data Services.

After-sales operations

Tuya IoT Development Platform provides multi-channel tools for you to accurately reach device users, including emails, app push notifications, app splash screens, and more. More users will be engaged in your daily operations and marketing campaigns. During the operations on this platform, you can query and manage target users, receive user feedback, communicate with users online, and edit the content displayed on apps. This way, you can take user relationship building and after-sales services to the next level and improve your brand loyalty. For more information, see Operation Management.

Technical support

Tuya IoT Development Platform supports multiple types of technical support online. Professional support teams are dedicated to troubleshooting in development, management, and transactions in all fields.

Tuya IoT Development Platform

Different support solutions are always ready to meet you where you are, for example:

  • Technical support tickets: Troubleshoot technical problems and request operation permissions during the development on the platform.

  • Project management groups on the Tuya Developer app: Easily contact project members by means such as multi-party real-time conversation or online video or voice conferences.

  • Online customer services: Respond to your request, locate your problem, and provide further guidance at the earliest opportunity.

For more information, see Service and Support.