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Account Authorization in Organization Space

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This topic describes how to implement and manage authorization in an organization space.

Background information

What is authorization in an organization space?

By setting a role for a specified account, you grant permissions to the account, such as viewing and editing the menu, PID, and app in your space. Multiple accounts can manage the data under their own accounts together to implement sub-account management function.

For easy usage, Tuya presets several common roles for different scenes, such as the developer, administrator, data operator, and customer service.

Typical case

A brand owner must go through the following process to create a product.

  • The solution provider assists in creating a product solution.
  • The purchaser purchases modules from Tuya.
  • The marketing staff and customer service staff check the delivered products in the market.

With the authorization function, the brand owner can authorize specified accounts within the permission range. The process is as follows.

  • Grant developer permissions to the solution provider.
  • Grant buyer permissions to the purchaser.
  • Grant data operation permissions to the marketing staff and grant customer service permissions to the customer service staff.

Authorization management

On the page of Authorizations, you can add authorization and view your authorized spaces. The authorized accounts can be divided into organization accounts and individual accounts.


Add authorization

Grant the data viewing and operating permissions of this account to another account.

  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Platform.

  2. In the top right corner of the page, enter My Space > Authorization > Join My Space > Add Authorization.

  3. In the pop-up Add Authorization window, enter the user account and click Set Permissions.

    Note: The authorized account must have registered on the Tuya IoT Platform.

    The page jumps to Permissions page.

Set permissions

Tuya provides eight preset roles. If the preset roles cannot meet your requirements, you can also customize the roles. Permission setting consists of the following three aspects:

  • Role type: You can set role types according to the permission range.

    Note: You cannot modify the menu permissions of preset roles. But you can edit the custom roles.

  • Menu permissions: You can grant permissions to the authorized account to view, enter, and manage a specified menu.
  • Data permissions: You can grant permissions to the authorized account to view, process, edit, and delete the data after entering the corresponding menu. The data comes from products, apps, and distributors. Data permissions are divided into View Authorization and Permission of Management.
    • Permission of management: In the authorization menu, you can manage the authorized products.
    • View authorization: You can view the data but cannot manage it.

Set roles for specified accounts

  1. Click Permissions > Select Role Type, and select a preset role for the account.
  2. You cannot edit the menu of the preset roles. But you can select Permission of Management and View Authorization in Data Permissions.
  3. Select products, applications, and ticket permissions.
  4. Click OK.

Set permissions for custom roles

  1. On the page of Permissions, click + Custom Role in Select Role Type.

  2. On the Custom Role page, enter the name of the custom role, and select the permissions and subsidiary permissions in each menu and sub-menu.


    • With subsidiary permissions, you can use some functions independently in the menu. You cannot use some functions independently beyond the subsidiary permissions range.
    • According to the selected menu permissions, the system will generate data permissions.
    • If an authorized account wants to process data of a PID or app, it must have menu permissions and data management permissions.

  3. In Data Permissions, select View Authorization or Permission of Management.

  4. Select products, applications, and ticket permissions.

    Note: If you select All Products, All Applications, or All Tickets, you do not only grant the authorized account the permissions of existing products, applications, and tickets, but also all products and applications to be created in the future, and tickets permissions that may be added in the future.

  5. Click OK.
    The authorized account can go to My Space > Authorization > Join My Space > View My Authorized Space to check the authorized spaces. The space name is the authorizer’s organization name.

Apply for space authorization

You can request specfic role permissions in a space of another account. Specified roles are limited to Tuya’s eight predefined roles.

Note: The other party’s account can be an email address or phone number. But currently, the Platform only supports a phone number in mainland China. This type of phone number begins with the country code +86.

After the other party approves your request, you will join the space with the specified role. You can only view and edit the products and applications that you have created.

Account Authorization in Organization Space

Delete an authorized account

On the homepage, in the top-right corner, click My Space > Authorizations > Join My Space. In the list, select an account and click Delete in the Operation column. Once the authorized account is deleted, the data generated by the products and applications under the account will also be deleted.

Basic concepts

What is a space?

The space is the console for processing the authorized data. One space corresponds to one authorizer account.

When an authorizer account is authorized to another account, a space of the authorizer account is generated in the authorized account. The authorized account can only view and manage data within the permission range.

For example, if account A is authorized to account B and account C, both account B and C will have a space of account A. If both account A and account B are authorized to account C, account C will have spaces of both account A and account B.

What is the space for?

When an authorized partner wants to check or process the authorized data, the data needs a container to be presented in. From the perspective of data isolation and vision interaction, it is appropriate to use a space.

How to view and switch a space?

  • Method 1:
    Log in to the Tuya IoT Platform, click My Space > More Space in the top right corner to view and switch the space, including a default space and authorized spaces. Besides, you can also click More Space to check detailed space information.

  • Method 2:
    Log in to the Tuya IoT Platform, and go to My Space > Authorization > Join My Space > View My Authorized Space. You can view the space and switch to another space.

How to fix a space on the top bar?

What is fixing on the top bar?

Log in to the Tuya IoT Platform, and click My Space > More Space. You can see the space that you have fixed on the top bar.

  • When the total number of spaces is less than 10, the new spaces will be automatically displayed on the top bar.
  • When the total number of spaces is more than 10, you need to click More Space to view all the spaces.

With this function, you can select the space that you want to display.


  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Platform.
  2. Go to My Space > Authorization > Join My Space > View My Authorized Space.
  3. Click Fixed on the Top Bar in the Operation or Hide from Top Bar, and then you can switch the display status.


Do I have spaces if I am not authorized?

Only default space, namely My Space.

Can one account have multiple spaces?

Yes. You can have your own default space and authorized spaces. The default space is My Space, while other spaces are authorized by the authorizer account. The authorized space name is the authorizer’s organization name.

Which accounts can authorize and be authorized?

All the accounts registered on the Tuya IoT Platform.

What data in my account can be authorized to a partner?

All the products and apps that you can see in the account space can be authorized. However, you cannot authorize the data in the authorized space to another account.