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Organization Verification

Last Updated on : 2022-03-02 01:53:17download

What is organization verification?

After you register a Tuya account, you will receive a prompt to choose the account type. If you choose an organization account, you must enter and confirm your organization information to complete organization verification.
Currently, the Tuya IoT Platform supports online organization verification in two ways: auto-verification and verification through manual reviews.

What are the benefits of organization verification?

To update your account to an organization account, you must complete organization verification.

An organization account has the following benefits:

  • Online transaction: Organizations can place orders, make payments, sign contracts, and issue tickets on the Tuya IoT Platform.

  • In-depth business cooperation: Share flexible business models as well as discounts.

  • Professional customer services: Give priority to troubleshoot your issues with efficient and professional technical support.

  • Upgraded account level: Your account of basic edition can be upgraded to a premium edition. Your team members can join your organization space and share the account benefits.

You can view Account Type for details.

How to apply for organization verification?

Enter organization verification page

After you register an account and log in to the Tuya IoT Platform, you will receive a prompt to choose an account type.
Organization Verification

Enter the page of Account Type Settings, choose your account type as an organization, and then you can enter the process of organization verification.

Other access methods

You can visit Organization Real-Name Verification to start the verification. You can also enter the verification page by clicking the icon in the top right corner. Perform the following steps.

  1. Click Account > Account Information. Organization Verification
  2. Click Enterprise Information. Organization Verification
  3. Click Verify Now. Organization Verification

After you enter the page of organization verification, you can see the verification process for your current country or region. If your current country or region is wrong, you can click Modify to reselect your country or region.

Then you can start your organization verification step by step.


For more information, view corresponding documents for your current country or region.


For more questions, you can go to Tuya Smart Help Center. In the left navigation bar, click Account Issues about IoT Platform > Enterprise Authentication.

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