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Last Updated on : 2022-08-08 08:34:09download

This topic describes the reference documents that will walk you through the steps of downloading the SDKs and secret key files from the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

Product Reference document Remarks
License Documents Payment is required before download.
MCU SDK Documents The MCU SDK you download is the C language-based MCU code that is generated automatically according to product functions defined on the Tuya IoT Development Platform. Every time the product function is modified, you need to download the MCU SDK again.
Module Debugging Assistant Documents None.
Credential Documents Payment is required before download.
Bill Documents None.
Smart Life app Documents None.
IoT Device Management app Documents None.
Cloud Test app Documents None.
IoT App SDK Documents The left-side reference documents only apply to Smart Life App SDK. For more information about other SDKs, see other preparation documents.
OEM app Documents OEM apps consist of trial versions and official versions. The left-side reference documents apply to trial apps.
IoT Edge Gateway service Documents This service is deployed from a Docker image. The image must be downloaded on a Unix-like operating system.