Create OEM App

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This topic provides an overview of how to create different types of OEM apps. The OEM App service is a one-stop shop for the development and management of branded IoT mobile apps. A series of app templates are intended to simplify UI customization and help you tailor a branded app. The supporting services such as app version management and app marketing can accelerate new product time to market.

The following app categories are available to support your scenarios:

  • Smart Life: Connect to smart devices across brands and categories and work as a smart home control hub.

  • Smart Protect: The professional and useful home protect assistant helps users manage devices, arm and disarm with only a few simple steps, and generate alerts.

  • Smart Community: The future community service terminal provides access to multi-scenario services.

  • Smart Residence: Deliver breakthrough experiences of varied smart apartment or home scenarios such as spatial rental, access control, and smart scenes.

  • Smart Home Lighting: Support smart home lighting UI design and scenario services and implement interconnections in the Tuya ecosystem.

  • Commercial Lighting: Enable bulk device control and visualized management on the apps in commercial scenarios.

  • Smart Property: Empower property management with enriched application features.

  • Smart Workbench: Suitable for presales packaging and promotion for smart products.