Push Notification on Android

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This chapter describes how to configure push notifications for Android and integrate Tuya’s push notification solution into your OEM apps. This chapter aims to accelerate your no-code development of smart apps and improve the interaction between Android apps and smart devices through push notifications.


Push notifications typically apply to the following scenarios:

  • Smart home: Receive push notifications from smart devices, such as lights and sockets, to facilitate remote control and status monitoring.
  • Logistics and warehousing: Monitor cargo locations and storage temperature in real time with the help of push notifications, and achieve visual monitoring and responsive alerts.
  • Smart healthcare: Send push notifications of health monitoring data to end users or medical institutions, and help doctors or users to remotely monitor and take prompt actions.
  • Smart transportation: Send real-time traffic information to in-car devices to enable services such as smart navigation and traffic recommendations, and enhance driving experience and traffic efficiency.
  • Industrial automation: Achieve status monitoring and fault alerts for factory facilities through push notifications to strengthen the efficiency and security in production.

In addition to these examples, push notifications are widely used in other IoT scenarios. The implementation plans and technical details can vary, depending on different use cases.


This chapter contains the following topics:

  • For more information about how to integrate your OEM app with Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and enable push notifications to Android apps, see Configure Google FCM.
  • Request push notifications through