Product Development

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Product development helps you build IoT products in a straightforward process that is integrated with all the necessary operations to achieve cloud connection. This highly-integrated development process allows you to perform function definition, things data model creation, device panel, hardware development, device debugging, product configuration, product testing, and product marketing in one place with ease.

What is product?

A product is an abstract representation of a collection of physical devices that have the same configurations and properties. Each product created on the Tuya IoT Development Platform is assigned a unique product ID (PID). After product creation, you can proceed with product development.

The one-stop IoT development services can help you connect your product to the cloud and achieve interconnection with the best cost efficiency.

Product Development

The Smart Life app helps you test the configuration for the device panel that acts as a digital interface enabling users to interact with their IoT devices.

Connection methods

  • TuyaOS: helps you develop IoT devices by using the desired methods such as no-code development, low-code development (MCU SDK), gateway SDK, sweeper SDK, IPC SDK, QR SDK, and Link SDK.
  • TuyaLink: helps you connect the existing IoT devices to the Tuya IoT Development Platform with standardized development processes.
  • Edge gateway: helps you connect IoT devices that communicate over popular IoT protocols to the IoT Development Platform by using specific drivers. The toolset allows you to develop drivers for your private protocols.

Category selection

A host of turnkey solutions are offered to save your time on choosing the right protocol and functions based on your specific requirements. These proven ready-for-production solutions cover almost every field such as lighting, sensors, home appliances, security system, door locks, control hubs, and energy-saving as well as popular protocols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. For more information, see Solution Center.

Product Development

Network modules

Tuya provides a series of proprietary network modules with various specifications and methods of soldering to address different needs of IoT product development.

Product Development