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Function Test

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After the product development is completed, a comprehensive function test on the product is needed to assure the product quality. By virtue of the rich experience in smart product development, Tuya provides a set of test specifications and tools for you to test your products to ensure your products are reliable and stable.

Test solution

Tuya provides multiple function test solutions which you can select according to the product types and your test capability.

Tuya Cloud Test app

It applies to test scenes for electrical and lighting products. The Tuya Cloud Test app provides multiple test modes based on function modules. You can perform all-in-one tests of device status and interaction link on your products, thus completing product function tests and outputting test reports. For more information, see the Tuya Cloud Test App.

Guidelines for testing industry solutions

The guidelines for testing industry solutions output test specifications by virtue of the rich experience in launching smart products covering electrical, lighting, sensor, home appliance, and security fields. You can refer to this specification to perform tests to assure product quality. For the specific test guidelines for each product, see Guidelines for Testing Industry Solutions and Industry Solution Test Cases.

Test service

If you lack test devices, you can delegate tests to Tuya. Tuya’s professional test teams and hardware test laboratories provide quick, efficient, and low-cost test services. The test scope includes software, cloud control, performance, stability, and more, covering the categories of electrical, lighting, sensor, home appliance, and security. The stability and reliability of the products are assured through comprehensive and high-quality test service.

For more information about the Tuya test service, see Testing Services.

Testing process

This section describes the basic process of different test solutions. For more information, see the related sections in Testing and Certification.

Tuya Cloud Test app

  1. Download the Tuya Cloud Test app and register an account.
  2. Build a test environment according to the selected test solution.
  3. Complete the test and generate a test report.

Guidelines for testing industry solutions

  1. View the related test content.
  2. Download a test case.
  3. Perform functional tests on the product with reference to the test case.
  4. Complete the test and generate a test report.

Test service

  1. Log in to VAS.

  2. Click Customization and select a certification type to subscribe to the service.
    Function Test

  3. Subscribe to Tuya Test Service, and take steps as per the prompts to apply for the Tuya test service and enter the test process.

  4. Complete the test and provide a test report.

    For more information, see WWGA Certification.